lights came on fast

So I think I am going to go for the blog titles that have nothing to do with status!
I am lacking pictures :( BUt i have finished stuff!
- Brian's stripey socks are done!
- Baby Gabe's hoodie is in zipper process
- Baby Charlie's hoodie is awaiting washing, blocking and zippering
I am working on a hand towel for the new apartment.
Oh, what I didn't mention it yet?
I am moving out soon! I am very excited. My sister, boyroomie, and girlroomie are all moving in together in the complex that my boyfriend living in. Its a super nice townhouse, and the landlords seem like a really good company. I believe they are part of Natapow management. We are going to move in, hopefully, in August. Anyway, given that this will be a shared apartment, and for me, home, I wanted to give the
apartment some things that would be for everyone, like hand towels for the downstairs bathroom. (and maybe the upstairs too.)
I think I am also going to make some curtains for my room, out of yarn, of course! I have a knitting machine, and I bet if I plan it out a bit, they will be done in no time!
Knitted curtains... herrmmm could be just the thing to use up the yarn stash!

I have been thinking a lot about my stash lately. Once I get my bedroom (at home) clean, i really want to destash. Some of that destashing will be donating yarns to places that need it, such as the Interim House. Apparently, they will take anything I can send! I have to get in contact with their contact person so that I have an address to send to, and I will have to pay for postage, but I think it's worth it. I also want to give a lot of stash to friends. I did pay for a lot of it, and I would like to share that with my knitting and crocheting friends. I have a few people who are willing to meet up with me on a Saturday and help me organize the yarn. For thier efforts, they are gonna get to go shopping in the newly organized stash! But I worry, because there are things in that stash that I have plans for (or I paid through the nose for the yarn, and want to use it... ) I am giving my self a continuous allowance of TWO big bins. (Trust me, they are much larger than normal bins.) I figure I can store that in the new apartment easily enough.

This last image is the beginning of a new baby sweater. Pattern here. I am using Plymouth yarns Sockotta that I bought a few years ago in Plymouth MA. (There is no relationship, I asked...) I was going to make socks for my mom, but decided that cotton was not worth the sock work, and it's really hard on my hands. Instead, I just cast on size 2's for this baby sweater pattern. I even did a swatch first! (I didn't actually measure it after washing yet... Bad knitter!)

This will be a baby sweater for Baby Olivia, who is expected in late August. She is eagerly awaited (and probably will be for the rest of the summer!)

Oh and in case you don't live in the greater Rochester area... today is beautiful. absolutely freaking beautiful. I love it.


Cate said...

HI, SHARAH!!!!!!!1111onehtt

Speaking of destashing...My dad was up here this weekend to take some of my stuff home (I can't fit half an apartment into a Civic, no matter how hard I try, and yarn and books do NOT belong in storage!) and I nearly filled his trunk with yarn. Oops. I should probably do something about that.

Midnight2sticks said...

Wow-great colors! We are going to try a virtual S&B with some other podcasters as a test in the next week or so-depending on when we can all get together as we are in different time zones, countries, etc.

If you want in the mean time-and if you download Skype (its free-Stephanie and I have been chatting with a few other listeners and we have had so much fun!

So, if you do look up our Skype names: Sharkypurl (Stephanie) or Midnight2sticks (that's me) and invite us-or once you get your ID let us know and we will invite you-right now we are just doing text chat its been a whole lotta fun!