strawberries and libraries

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. Life has been crazy! I am an RIT student now, work at RIT now (goodbye wegmans!) and I haven't had too many minutes to myself since November 28.
I am currently working on 3 projects. Working actively, that is. I found the strawberry pie shawl so I started that with some lovely yarn (LionBrand 100% wool) that I dyed with Koolaid.
The picture is of me frogging, but the project is much farther now. If i can dig up my digi cam i will take a few more.
I started a second shawl in lionbrand white wool (the big 8oz one), and I will make my best friend help me dye that after I knit it.
The other project I have been working on is my mom's socks. They are a late Christmas present, she decided she wanted them about a week before Christmas-- so she got yarn in her stocking.
I am using some LionBrand Magic Stripes. The yarn flavor is Denim Stripes. Mom likes the one that is done... the second one is in the works.
In other knitting news, I meet with some ladies in my hometown at the library every other Monday night, and we knit together; recently we decided to meet every Monday night, and I am psyched about it! (if you live in Genesee county in NY and you are interested email me at faeriedreamz AT gmail DOT com, and I will give you some details!)
No new knews on the knitting ministry, but soon I will meet with Kathy and we will discuss the possibilities in earnest. :)

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