Sorry I haven't updated in so long, I was hoping for a camera, and waiting to take pictures until i got one. Unfortunately neither has happened. I will just have to post pictures from the camera I have, and hope its enough!
I just finished a baby sweater last night as I watched the Superbowl at church. It is pretty awesome, my church- we used the projector last night as a BIG screen and watched the game. For me it was really more of a social event, but I was rooting for the Steelers- and they won :)
I have to get a zipper tonight, if I remember. Hopefully I will have the baby sweater finished and in the mail tomorrow. I have to send the stripey socks to tony too... They are done and have been done for over a month now... And the presents for my bf family from christmas. I didn't buy them till i had money, but they haven't gotten sent yet either. :(
I will get to it soon!
The baby sweater is soo cute, everyone that has watched me knit it is so proud of my progress!
Now off to class... maybe i will knit just to annoy John!
Oh I got a little bible for my purse, and I am going to knit and felt a cover for it!

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