no pictures today either...

But there is progress on the socks. The green ones. I am turning the heel on #1 as soon as I am done typing. I am stuck at school tonight till 10, again, so the hope I had for photos is little to known. I have to make an interactive PDF based on a brochure that I just finished designing today. Its great. (In all sarcasm)
I am trying to find a freind to eat dinner with me, but it looks like I am on my own till 6. I have Metals class tonight. The plan is to kick some wax a** and take names. Actually, I am carving wax rings tonight so that we can cast them, next week I think. I hope to get done early so I can bow out. I would be working on the interactive pdf right now, but the dunder head that I am, I left the power cord at home. It's really really useful there.
Soooo yea.

I love Billy Corgan. And I love The Machina of the Gods. Some people think its the worst album the Smashing Pumpkins released, but I think it is wonderful. Oh and Porcupine Tree. I love them too. I need to get the music... :)
Ok. sorry this wasn't very knitty of me, but eh. Its just not in me tonight!

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