I finished the heel on the green sock the other day. I haven't gotten too much farther, but its not with me right now. I will have to take a picture when I get back to it. For the moment I am working on the baby blanket for Josie's neice, Brooke. Here it is! Brooke is newly adopted and 16, but Josie really wanted her to have something special for herself. So i am using the pinwheel blanket, with a beautiful blue color from Lion Brand. Brook lives in a desert so I decided that a cotton blend microfiber would be appropriate. I am really enjoying how the blanket is coming along, but I am hoping that i can figure out how to spice it up a bit, since it is pretty boring. However, I think that I can do a fancy bind off, and I am hopeful that Brook will use the blanket as a shawl as well. (Or at least that she will like it enough to think about it.) Anyway, I am excited about it. Josie seems pleased too. I just hope Kari has been working on her blanket for the other newly adopted niece. If she has, I will post pictures of it too!

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