Time flies when you are worried about finals! I did very well this quarter, gaining a 4.0. One of my teachers gave me an incomplete for class, but I handed in the final project a week early. Someone else in the class got that too; so I am thinking it is a fluke or mistake with the computer system.
I've done a bunch of knitting since I last posted but not a whole lot of it was productive. I haven't finished anything! I ripped out the baby blanket about 3 times now. I started a flat knit with seed stitch that is double stranded and on size 13 needles (i think...) the work is going faster now, but sheesh.
I started Eunny's free Print O the Wave stole- I just had to make some lace! I am not joining the great lace- I don't have that kind of time to commit to getting this done!
Last week I went to Toronto with my friends for an Anime Convention (Anime North) and afterwards we went camping for the 4 hottest days this summer so far. It was frustrating. We ended up seeing movies and hanging in the mall just to get in the a/c.
However, I had a great time- got away from my family and spent the week with 4 of my favorite guys!
My boyfriend, Brian, has finally decided to move to New York, and he is asking our friends who just got a new apartment if he can be a #4. He would save them each like $75 in rent, which would probably make life a bit easier....
We are praying that this works out, he is very excited about finding a job up here so he can take care of me!

While Brian and I were driving to the apartment the other day, we got off the 390 at Jefferson, and there was a man standing with a sign that said, "Will work for food." My heart broke. We tried to buy a sub to give to the man, but the police had chased him off for loitering, I think. My church needs to have some sort of help in place. I wanted to give the guy a sub, but I would rather have offered to drive him to work- a place to work with food to eat and sleep. I am not talking charity- not in the traditional sense. No one in the US should have to go without food... but it happens all the time.

Sorry to end this on a sad note, but its been on my mind. I will post pictures of spinning and knitting tomorrow! (or very soon after)

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