i made this :)

This was my quick and easy project. I made it for my cell phone, because I COULDN'T stand the idea of buying an over priced cellphone holder from Verizon, or a cheap cheezy one from Walmart.
I got the bag at the Women of Faith 2006 Conference in Rochester NY. It was very cool, because it is from World Vision, and I was planning on sponsering a child through them anyway. They gave me the free bag for allowing them to take money from my credit card. :) I was delighted with the bag, its huge, and I have a beautiful young lady named Roda from Zimbabwee. I am going to write her a letter very soon.
My boyfriend and I picked out the yarn, it was one of the closest color choices in a thin cotton yarn. What can I say? I went to Micheals! The button was out of my mom's vintage-ish button collection.
I ended up giving this one to my mother in law to be, because she really liked it, AND she got a new older cell phone. She didn't like the size of the phone, but it was digital and her smaller prettier phone was not digital. It creates problems to not have digital service on a tracfone when you live out in the middle of nowhere!
So i made me a new one, and used a seed stitch on the body rather than the st.st used in the first. one. The button on the new one is a flower button, but it is black, which still works pretty wel. My only sadness about the bag is that it stretched out so much after the phone has been in it!
I knit it on size 2 knitting needles. The pattern is pretty easy, so if anyone wants a copy, just email me!
faeriedreamz at gmail dot com.
Lots more knitting to post about hopefully I will get more pictures taken soon!

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It's LuAnn. I think that is so cute!!!!!