odd yarn = pretty socks

So, I am trying to write less lame blog titles. That may not be entirely possible, but I will try. Here are some recent exploits!

As you can see, my math homework is attempting to compete with my lovely socks.
The math homework lost....

I am using some LB Magic Stripes
Denim Stripe

Denim blue, cream, light blue highlighted with red and copper

I am very pleased with the striping pattern complementing the stripes... and I love that the stripes are super random. :)

This is part of the Romney I bought at the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival. I was unsure of how much to get, or what kind; it was rather overwhelming. I ended going economical and buying only one kind of roving, a white Romney. I got it home, quite nervous about buying 16 oz, since I didn't know how it would spin up.
I started up my wheel and was amazed. Romney was my personal spinning Godsend. I was so happy with the results. I have spun white samples, but not too much. I used some of the yarn for my brother's pirate hat. I think he quite liked it.
I go to college, so I got a break. I work at the same college, and the week after Christmas the college is totally closed, so I got a break then too. Instead of sitting around all week, I decided one ambitious morning to dye some roving. The picture seems washed out, but the colors are fairly accurate. I was going to use the Dishwasher Dyeing Method, but when I opened the door to the dishwasher I realized that there is a good reason the dishes aren't getting cleaned. I think the hoses are clogged. :( Anyway, I ended up just nuking it for 3 to 5 minutes and letting it rest. I was really worried that the wool would felt, but it didn't.
I am excited to see what the finished yarn looks like. I don't know if I will Navajo ply (which I absolutely love the look of) or just 2- ply for thinner yarn. I fear the thickness of a 3-ply right now.

Now for a gratuitous shot of my fiancee and the kitten at his apartment (he belongs to our friend Caleb, but we all get to love him!)

Arael and Brian.

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Ray said...

awww what a nice photo of Brian & Ariel:)
but then i'm Brian's Dad :)