eek.. the cat?

So classes are finally over, actually they have been done for a week now. I go to RIT, which runs on a quarter system. I will be starting back up on Monday, and going through to the end of May. That is so depressing.

I did however, get some pictures, and that is actually the purpose of this blog post!
So the first image is my brother's birthday present. One of these days I am going to make some black gloves for him. Maybe in the summer when I want a small project.
The next picture is of my super cute sister wearing the fake isle hat I made. I used Patons SWS and Lion Wool instead of the recommended Noro and Cascade 220.... What can I say? I am cheap.

She loves it, and it fits her better than the hat I made her for her birthday. Up next is one for me. But you just have to wait for me to finish before I give it up!
I am not sure if I like the colors I chose, so I may end up giving the second one away too. I don't, however, mind the pattern, so I am willing to make another one for me!

Edited to Add:
Thanks to Brian Blankenship for photos. Both are copyright of Brian Blankenship Photography. Used with permission.

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