its official.. I have finished a sweater :)

Do you remember the Tempting II I started last summer? If you recall, I realized at some point that it would not fit my ample bosom without some tweaking. I have tweaked, I have revamped, I added a keyhole and a square neck that looks rocking good on me! I finished it today, and only have to weave in my ends! I am very excited, because it is super cute, lightweight, appropriate for work, and I can make sleeves to add to it that I can wear in the winter! My only concern is stretching that might occur when I wash it. Does cotton block like wool? I really don't know, because I wasn't smart enough to bother washing my swatch when I started this sweater last summer. I know that was pretty stupid, but hey, I am not known for my foresight ;)
Anyway, i hope it doesn't stretch too much, and I will post pictures as soon as I can :)

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