just a quick picture

It's not the best picture ever, but here the sweater :) A full shot will follow, this evening, I hope! This was taken with the evil built in camera on the computer. It is handy, but not all that useful for getting full head shots... or anything beyond a head shot, at least. OH I can show you my pretty yarn too.. We'll see if this works...
This is the yarn I dyed last night, using Wilton Cake dye. My dye was not powder, like the article I read discussed, but I added vinegar and mixed the dye into some hot water, and it did a pretty awesome job. Also, instead of using either of the heating methods discussed in the article, I just did the microwave job I usually do :) I just dried it last night in the bathroom, and it wasn't really dry when I left for school today, but I took it anyway and skeined it up so I could carry it around and fondle the rich cerulian blue. Its some super wash Baby Ull from Dale of Norway. It was left over from a baby cardigan, so I figured it was time to do something with it... and I went crazy at AC Moore last night. It didn't hurt that everything was at least 25% off! They kill Jo Ann's; they always have much much nicer cheaper stuff :)

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