sock knitting of course...

I guess i should state, because I haven't yet, that I finished the purple socks for me. I really hate them, in terms of showing them off, but I love wearing them, because they are so warm. I used some very old Brown Sheep company wool that my mom found at the Salvation Army, or ABVI Goodwill years and years ago. It was a wonderful find, and the stuff is hardy; I made mid calf length socks, and there is still plenty to fix potential wearing.
I am not really sure I if I will use the rest of the yarn for socks or not. I have one man's sock, but never started the 2nd man's sock... so i will have to do that sometime. The problem, is that the colors are super muted. I suppose I could try dyeing the yarn, and if it works, perhaps I will be more interested in using it.
I am going to try something new for me. I like the Koolaid, but I want a wider range of colors, and because I live at my parents home, I really don't want to commit to acid dyes just yet... but this might just work.
In other news...
So, while I find knitting socks for my mother tedious, because she likes the legs so very very long, I have started another pair. It isn't the socks themselves... but the yarn. Yarn, yarn, yarn. When we went to Boston this last summer, we stopped into a small yarn store that is about 5-10 minutes from my Aunt's house. It is a lovely place in Cohasset, the Creative Stitch. Unfortunately, if they have website, I cannot find it. However, I loved it, and I loved the owner, and I wished I could move to Cohasset. Ah well.
Anyhow, I bought some trekking xl for me, and some Schafer Anne, which was wildly raved about in a podcast by Knitty D and the City a while ago. The yarn is lovely, but I have a limited amount of it, and i have to figure out what exactly I will make. The yarn I bought for my mom is from Cherry Tree Hill, and it is doing lovely things. It is Monet. I am happy with it for now. It is "pooling" but 1. I don't mind pooling all that much and 2. it is pooling in an awesome pattern.
I think I am going to try afterthought heels with this pair because I don't want to take the chance that I will lose the lovely pooling effect when I do the heel! (Plus, I am hopeful that doing an afterthought heel will encourage me to actually get these socks done quickly. If it goes well, I may institute afterthought heels in everything!
Pictures when I can get my boyfriend to take them again :)

There is one more project I am actually working on, but I think I will see if I get far enough to bother posting about it... it is still in the, "hmmm can I stand you enough to keep working on you?" phase. It might just be easier to make a clapotis. ;)

Coming up: ponderings about summer items... if i start them now, will they be ready by summer?

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