whats this? posting twice in a month???

I was just in Canada with friends. We left on Friday and stayed until late on Monday. We had a really good time at Anime North, an anime convention. (true nerds). I got to hit up Lettuce Knit difficult.) I bought some Lorna's Laces, my very first, and some lovely rovings on Monday, which is a pretty short walk from Toronto's Chinatown district. (Pictures to come soon). It was a really cute store, small, but well stocked and well managed. The owner was so nice, and she let me use the bathroom! (Maybe that sounds silly, but finding bathrooms in a city can be verying. Both were incredibly reasonably priced!
I have also been working on various projects. I didn't get much "travel" knitting done, despite the long drive, but I did finish (err, almost finish) a sock during the convention. I will have to add pictures of all this stuff when I am done with work!
I am frustrated with the baby sweater that I was working on; and I am not sure if i am going to rip it and start a new one, or set it aside for a few more days and pick it back up. I really only have to do the sleeves and about 1/2 of the back. Its not that bad... but i am really beginning to hate the cotton, nylon, wool blend. I won't say what kind of yarn it is... I don't want to dis the maker. I just wish I hadn't bought it, because i despise knitting with cotton. :(
I also recently finished spinning some fiber up. I am not very pleased with the results. The color is lovely- I was not expecting this really lovely pumpkin, but I do really like it. However, I am just having a really hard time with getting some of this spinning down... so the results are not as good as I would like.
I have been once again bitten by the lace bug. Most of the time when this happens I become desperate to make a lace item... but then it peters out when I get frustrated with the lace. This summer, i would really like to complete a lace pattern of some sort without screwing it up! The last image is of my beautiful Schafer Anne yarn from my trip to Massachusetts last year. I wish I knew what to make with it. There is just over 600 yards... so I need to do something with it... I was thinking about making a shawl. Perhaps, the swallowtail shawl from the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits? It is a lovely shawl after all....

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Lois said...

would you let me know your email so i can add u to the Swallowtail shawl KAL?