Swallow Tail Shawl

Last year, I bought the Fall 2006 Issue of Interweave Knits. I immediately fell in love with Evelyn A. Clark's beautiful Swallow Tail Shawl pattern. A few years ago, visiting Df (darling fiancee?) when he lived in Ohio, we took a short driving trip to Erie to go to a nice yarn shop there, Cultured Purl. It was one of the nicest yarn experiences I have ever had. We got there just after she opened for the day and we got to visit a bit. Df is always so good in yarn shops! I had a credit card or money or something, and I purchased expensive yarn, that I would probably not be able to afford now! However, I treated myself to 3 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca. I think it is the DK weight. I no longer have the ball bands, but I recognized the yarn in another shop, and realized why I had only bought 3 skeins.
I always wanted to make a shawl with the perfect blue yarn, and when I saw Swallow Tail, I thought it would be the match...
But I never did cast on for it.
Instead, recently I was fondling the Ann
e that I bought in MA last year, and I realized that I really wanted to make a shawl with it. I also realized that I really wanted to make the Swallow Tail shawl, and that since school is over, my free time is, well, free. Making a complicated lace shawl, I decided, was not a terrible idea. So I cast on with my Schafer Anne, ignoring my own God-given color senses.
I have seen some beautiful lace shawls, and I have seen some gorgeous color ways, but there are some colors that just don't make good lace shawls, and this Anne is one of them.
I joined the Swallow Tail Shawl Knit Along blog, and saw someone with a similar
predicament... they had to over dye the yarn to get the shawl to look lacy. Of course, now it looks absolutely fabulous. I did not want to over dye the Anne though, I paid a lot of money for those gorgeous colors! *reasonably represented in picture*
So I did what any reasonable, well meaning, project laden knitter does... I dropped the Anne and started Swallow Tail in the gorgeous blue
color that I am in love with. So far I am on the budding lace 7th repeat... but I keep messing it up and having to gently rip back. I don't mind, however, it is the farthest I have gotten with a lace project thus far! Here are some pictures of the shawl modeling. The color seems pretty accurate, at least from this machine :) (of course, that has a lot to do with Photoshop CS2... I love being a student...) That is my goal for June, in terms of knitting. It would be good to finish stuff too... Like the stupid baby sweater in cotton... grrr


trek said...

Thanks for blog visiting.

The multi color yarn on top is gorgeous.

Stitch Stud said...

I love the multicolored yarn on top. Thanks for inkniteracting!