Thanksgiving was wonderful, and I have much to be thankful for. Firstly is Brian getting a job, and secondly is finally moving out, and thirdly is rent money! The knitting front has been good. Made two quick hats out of the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee hat I linked to in the last post. The second hat I added earflaps and a loopy top too... My friends decided it looks like a teletubby. I hope that it will fit whomever gets it better than it fits me tho. I must have a "large-ish" head for a woman.
The Flower City Raverly group is having a meet up on Tuesday Dec. 4th at SPOT Coffee. I hope I can make it. I would really love to meet some of the other knitters in Ro-cha-cha. I forgot to go to the WestSide Knitters group on Wednesday because I was busy baking pies and apple crisp. I remembered about 8:15, and by then it was too late to think about trying to attend. As it turns out, however, I don't think anyone else ended up going either.

My roommate works on campus in the "OCASA" The off campus apartments and living space. Anyone can join or use OCASA, which is awesome. And if you bring your own mug, the coffee/hot chocolate/tea is free. The super awesome thing is that her boss has given her permission to have a Wednesday Craft/Movie night. So if anyone from RIT is looking to knit with friends, Wednesday night may be your night.

I am working on two Prayer shawls for two different people. Hopefully I will get my sh*t together and post some progress pictures sooner or later. It might not be a bad idea to scan in my ideas either... I will have to work on that :)

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