an update, finally

Wow, look, I forgot to blog!

(BTW, the super kitten on the knittin' is Kaylee, my sister's baby kitty.... I just had to throw some love in there!)
Big surprise... anyway... It's finals week. Brian is over the road officially. He came back for a week to visit (YEA!) and then went out again. I expect to see him around Thanksgiving; should be fun times. Things got so much easier after those first few days of missing him, and school got MUCH more busy (or did I loose my focus?).

I finished an entire project, but took pictures with the wrong camera, and don't have copies to share. I also did a quick chunky hat thanks to the Yarn Harlot, and am onto a second one.
I am also working on a small prayer shawl for a friend. It is fashioned after the Interweave Holiday Gifts Candy Stripes Kerchief. I can't wait to finish it. I also pulled out some socks for me to work on. They were supposed to be for Brian, but it has been so very cold that I would almost prefer to be selfish about it! He hasn't complained of the cold yet, but he didn't take his handmade socks with him either. Ah well. I am not too concerned.

I am also contemplating the Persuasion Afghan from Lion Brand. Not in the colors pictured, of course... ( I would link to it, but you have to login to look at it, and it isn't that exciting. ) It's mostly a mitered square afghan, only crochet instead of knitting!

We'll see what actually happens!

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