Mission: Possible 2008

Ok, so random blogging, but I really like this idea... Julie from Moth Heaven posted about it. It's called Mission: Possible 2008. I guess you figure out what 12 ufo's you have, and you get to it; committing to one UFO per month. I guess you can do more with this... learn new skills and all, but I prefer just to stick to the UFO problem. I have plenty of those.

1. Amigurumi Doll... I have 2 legs, and the start of a body.
2. knitted gloves posted on ravelry
3. mom's jungle socks (One is almost done... )
4. Judy's Celtic shawl... started but not worked on recently
Right now that is all I can think of that I actually intend to finish; however, I know that there are many more. I will post them as I come up with them!

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