not so much

Feeling pretty crappy right now. Missing my trucking beau a bit more than I would like. It's good that I miss him, but I wish I could turn off the loneliness feeling sometimes. Right now, I am letting school and knitting and work keep me busy. My boss is working on a new book right now, so I am very excited because I get to put it all together, and get templates set up for InDesign and make the equations pop in the right spots... :) So that is generally a thing to be excited about.

My Tolstoy class is making me fall in love with Leo Tolstoy. The short stories were not fun, but Anna Karenina is rather interesting, and shows what an excellent writer Tolstoy is. Long winded, to be sure, but excellent, none the less.

And knitting has been actually accomplishing something recently.
This is a gift for Brian's friends, they just had a baby girl. She was born about a month ago, but it will still be useful! I have to contact them to get together and give the blanket to her. Hopefully, it will be well received.

I have been working on this silly hat for a while. It is a tam from Knitty... unfortunately, I am not that happy with it either. I think it has more to do with my dissatisfaction with the black yarn... it doesn't feel so nice. I can't wait to get to the petals, though, those will be much prettier, easier, and appealing to work on.

Finally some mom socks. I got this Cascade yarn on sale at Anna Banana & From Her Hands. She told me recently that they can be shorter than I am used to. Hopefully they will be done soon. I am knitting them top down on one long addi turbo, size 0, I think.

I am hoping I feel better emotionally, soon... it's not easy being so far from Brian all the time...

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