Mother's Day 2010

This year for Mother's Day, I found the perfect pattern about 6 weeks ago.  Now, understand that my mom has lost an incredible amount of weight! This makes sweater building in short time much more doable.

This is Nicole.  Her chest is clearly larger than the intended size, but she was checking fit for me while we were out to lunch one day!

This sweater is Tappan Zee from knitty.com. I modified it just a hair, and used commerical yarn I picked up at Webs several years ago. (I bought it site unseen, and the color was "scarlet". It's not any scarlet I've ever seen before!) My mods are slightly longer sleeves, so mom can lift her arms without exposing her arm pits - just a comfort thing, and extending the buttons down the front. Mom would have very little use for a cardigan that didn't have buttons all the way down.  She seems pretty happy with it - if the pictures can be trusted :)

I have a limited amount of time, and unless I plan something super far in advance, most people will see me knitting a gift that is for them.  I usually refuse to answer questions about it, or deflect questions by trying it on myself when people ask. It doesn't always work, but sometimes.  This was one of those times. As mom pulled it out of the basket I put it in, she said, "Oh, I hoped it was for me!"

Mom, wearing her new sweater outside my house. She liked the photo so much, it's her facebook photo now! 

I'm really proud of her - her weight loss in particular, but her in general. She is an awesome mom, who deserves high praise for raising 2 beautiful, intelligent and well behaved daughters and a clever, intelligent, sweet and loving son.  Go mom!

May me and my siblings children be as blessed by us, as we are by you!

Happy Mother's Day.

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