New knitting

So, I know I have too much yarn. I saw the other bloggers do "flash your stash" at the beginning of April, and I realized I could never do that. I have way too much yarn floating around. It's kind of a sick obsession. I may be able to brainwash some friends into getting paid in yarn to help me organize it all this summer. I just want to label the darn boxes and have the same stuff in the same box. Hopefully a lot of it will be used by the community knitting group I hope to start. Nothing new on that front. I think maybe this summer can be a jumping off point. I was really on fire about it, but the desire to continue trying to do it has abated somewhat. (Sadly :()I think reality of RIT set in, and there just hasn't been a lot of time to do anything.
I got a new computer between now and the last time I posted, and I know have a camera on my computer. This is exciting because I hope to be able to at least post pictures of my knitting projects. Speaking of which, here is some yarn I got from Sundara Yarns as pictured above. Its superwash merino for some prettiful socks!
The green pair will be for Tammy and the Citrine will be for me :) I like yellow at least sometimes. Not too far on green, but it's ok.
Oh, last week I found and finished some quick socks I had started. It was rather satisfying to finish them, and even more satisfying to send Brian pictures of them :) He is so cute.
Anyway they will be in the mail in a few days (read weeks).

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