tempting ii is turning into something else

Tempting ii was never going to fit. It just isn't designed for a girl who has a 44 DDD. It would never have worked; but I just didn't want to face the facts. Instead, I knit blindly on- working hard on the several inches of 1x1 ribbing until I finally reached the armpit. I checked my gauge, and even put the live stitches on some black crochet cotton to check the size. The body fit... sort of. It fit around me, no doubt, but it didn't fit over my boobs. I have BIG boobs... the sweater fit the back of me, it went from above the tail bone to just under my arm pits... but the front, well the front rode up something fierce. I knew that i would never wear a sweater that rode up in the front. I was ready to frog it and start something new, but I realized that at 12pm such decisions need not be made. (To top it off, at this point I was highly infected with icky icky Upper Respritory Infection !ewww mucus!) So I held off, and waited to talk to my mom.
She convinced me not to rip, but to redesign. I decided to make a short row boob holder. If I were sewing I would call it "darts" but it's knitting, so boob holder makes more sense. I wasn't sure if I should do the short row technique for each individual boob, or if I should just make an overall boob area increase. I went with the technique I use for short row heels, and it worked!

I was thrilled! I attached the arms last night, and put the live stitches on a holder. I tried it on this morning. My mom said it looked fabulous. I still have 4 inches of knitting to go- before it will be apropos on me. However, I don't think it will be Tempting ii ever. The neckline... that oh so cute, off the shoulder look... well I will never pull that off! I have 44DDD bra, and I need those cute black straps to hold up my boobs... so no off the shoulder looks for me! But its ok. I don't mind! I am going to have a cute "all my own" sweater design with a lovely plunging V neck.
I am *excited*!
Will post pictures as soon as the sweater is "decent" enough to wear.

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Wendy said...

Congrats on your boob solution!

Thanks for your comments on the podcast blog. Knitty D and I really appreciate it!

Take care!