i have knitting news.... but no camera

So I haven't finished TemptingII, or whatever else we should call it.... I am a slacker. And school started. Its hard to bring an almost done sweater to school to work on it. I really can't do that. Sooo instead I knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby surprise Jacket. It was kind of annoying to keep track of all the stitches... but it is so cute it is worth it... and I really didn't figure out how it really worked until I was almost done.
SOOOO CLEVER really. She was an engineering GENIUS. GENIUS!!
Unfortunately mine is kinda ugly, its red with heather brown accents. I don't know if either of the pregnant ladies at church will want it... so I am going to make more, and I shall see how it turns out!
My goal today, in class, is to start a hat; maybe finish it?
We shall see. If i can get my camera back from my thieving sister *j/k* I will take some pictures. (I lent it to her so she could work on her digital imaging class.)

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