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I am so excited about Christmas this year. Perhaps it is because I have chosen reasonable projects to make for family and friends. It could also be that this is the first year in 3 years that I can actually ENJOY Christmas. I used to work at Wegmans, a food grocer in Upstate NY. Now, I am not saying anything bad about Wegmans, working there was a wonderful learning experience that taught me a lot... However, anyone in retail can tell you, the Christmas season is just no fun. I hope that I can remember that as I shop for the holiday this year. I am ready to listen to happy music, see lights and decorations, and start celebrating the best time of year in my own heart. I am certain that my fiancee living in NY is helping that happy feeling to exist!

Now on to other things:

These are my happy feet in a bright happy Trekking XXL. As you can see I didnt' weave in the ends yet. I am actually wearing them today, without the ends woven in. I am a naughty knitter.

I have had pictures for a week now, I even took some the other night... just so I could post about them... and then i had no time/energy. Fortunately, the period of time in which I live in a fog is just about up. I have a few finals next week and a final project due in 2 weeks, but a lot of the other major stressers are done for now.
I was super excited when I realized how many FO's I have managed to complete... I was going to post all of them on this blog... until I realized that they are Christmas presents!
So, instead, some other FO's and pretty stuff!

I made these mittens for Community Knitting, through the Rochester Knitting Guild. They are going to be a lovely presnt for someone in need. The white yarn is a Lionbrand that had a filament of shiny white wrapped around it. I think the combination is stunning. The green-blue is a random skein I got from the Community Knitting free yarn. :) I am happy to say I put that yarn to good use. (I have maybe 9 yards left.)
I'll be making some RIT mittens for a friend soon, and in return she is going to crochet me a lovely lacey shawl. I am so very excited. I will try to post the mittens as I work on them :)

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ruby ahn said...

thanks for replying to my email...cool stuff....do you charge for orders on your knits?