knitting up a storm

Just so this post isn't totally pictureless, here is a totally blown out image of the yarn I spun out of Romney I bought at the Fiber Arts Festival at Hemlock, NY this year. I dyed a section of red and a section of yellow to test the color fastness and softness of dyed fleece. I navajo plied it, and am quite pleased with the results.

So, my brother and sister's birthdays are done, so I can tell you what I made them :) Hopefully while we are all around for Christmas I can get some pictures of them wearing their warm woolys. I made an earflap hat and mittens with a subtle skull and crossbone pattern (scroll down to October 17, 2006.) And I dyed the white yarn to a pretty pink. I need to learn more about dying though, because that was not the color I was going for, at all. I made my brother a pirate hat. It is a skull cap with a skull and crossbones pattern. I used this one as a template for the skull. The pattern is really adorable too!
I am working right now on a knit gift for 1) my mom, 2) homegroup gift exchange and 3) another for my mom. I really should make my dad a few more hats; he likes what i have always called "lumberjack" hats. He is constantly wearing the one I made him for Christmas last year. I bet if I made them at school, where i need mindless knitting, i could crank out one or two a week.
I am still figuring out if I can knit in some classes. I think I can get away with it in Color managment, and hopefully in Shakespeare's tragedies. I take notes and all, but I find I listen so much more attentively when i am knitting on something.

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