Baby time

I am trying to get into the habit of posting, even if I don't have pictures. I think it will help my accountability with projects, as well as giving me a sense of progress. A few days ago, I cast on for a beautiful baby sweater, for a dear friend at church, who is pregnant. (If you are reading this Ms. Pregnant A., you should stop!)

Her baby boy will be born at the end of February or the beginning of March. (I think he should aim for February 22, so he can celebrate with me... but his mom thinks he will be a bit later than that.) I decided to make him a knitted zip up the back hooded sweater. I found the pattern around this time in 2006, when I made one for my cousin's baby. Unfortunately the pattern is no longer available online, or I would link it.
My fiance, brother, sister, and sister's friend *who is also my friend* went the the yarn store today, so I could get yarn.
I am using Baby Ull, by Dale of Norway, in green and white, which are Michigan State colors. The mom and dad are crazy about MSU college sports. :) Their child will be well clothed.
I am amazed at how lovely and soft this yarn is, and to top it off, it was 15% off! I got it at Spirit Works a distant but local yarn store. ( I love that place, it is so cozy, and there are chairs to sit and knit... and magazines for the non-knitter that was dragged along!) I was given a limit of 20 minutes in the store today... but that is for the best.
I am trying to go on a stash diet; for a 24 year old, I have an incredible amount of yarn... its sick, actually; but baby yarn that is specific to the parents and has special meaning... that is ok. I willl use it all.... :)
There is another baby coming, probably about month after this one. I am trying to figure out what to knit for that mom and dad. I am not as close to them, but would like to make something nice; unfortunately I have no idea what their tastes are!

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