i should be doing homework

of some sort. But i am not. I am catching up on blogs, listening to Muse, and working on a crafty project. (More about that in a moment.)

First, my gift hat. A friend at church was born 5 days before I was. He looks awful cold most of the time; and the other day when we were at the market, he was eyeing a rack of hats and gloves.
This only took about a weekend. It is Paton's black merino, left over from my brother's birthday present. Chris tried Ethan's hat on that day, and I thought it might be a good gift for Chris. This one is different. I ribbed throughout for a nice stretchy fit. The red is some Red Heart "Soft Yarn". I don't normally use acrylic with wool yarns, but this was bright and I only needed a handful.
The acrylic was purchased recently for the new project I am working on. I have to admit, I was inspired by two things.
The first was this post. Then I saw this. I was enthralled. Go ahead, look at them all! I discovered that day, the art of arigurumi. I was so excited I made my fiancee take me to the craft store so I could purchase hooks and yarn.
He is such a good sport. If I enjoy the process of making these cute dolls, I might make more. I would love to make them for my children to have. My mom is pretty psyched up too, she loves dolls and doll clothes. This is the perfect project for us.
Oh, whats that? You can crochet too? You want to make one of these silly things? Oh, well I can help you with that. Hold on, let me find that link... oh, here it is. I am not making it exactly as the pattern lists... I am using the pattern as a way to make my personal vision come true ;)
I am very excited though... those crocheters weren't lying when they said that crochet is faster!

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