more socks, less sweater

After wearing my lovely green sweater on Monday, I realized that it was just too loose. i am going to undo the sleeve attachments to the body, and reknit the body, but just down the sides. I figure it will help to pull the bust in a bit. The sweater is really light weight, though, and looks really cute on me, so I am super pleased with it.

I have also finally started a clapotis. I am using the yarn that I over dyed last summer; I have been intending to make this for a long time, I just never got around to it. I don't have any real expectations for this project, but I am really enjoying the color shifts. I did a nice job dyeing it , if I do say so myself. I haven't made it past the second section yet, so I am still on the increase section... but I did discover an interesting method. It was suggested that to eliminate the need for so many stitch markers, one should PURL the stitch that is to be dropped. What a clever idea! I am so grateful for the internet, and the fact that I no longer have to try to think for myself! The next thing I want to work on is the stripey socks, also from last summer. I put these off when I realized I wouldn't have enough to make 2 decent sized socks. My fiance likes his socks fairly tall, and this was just one single, solitary Regia ball... So i decided, when we went to the yarn shop on Friday, to pick up a skien of black. My plan is to knit black toes and heels, and hopefully there will be enough yarn to make a complete pair of tall socks for the fiance. This is such a gorgeous shifting color way, I just love it. I wish there was more so I could have a pair!

Just to keep us all informed, "Your fiance is the man you plan to marry; your fiancee (or fiancée) is the woman you plan to marry." found here

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