just a quickie

Swallow tail shawl on hold for a few days... err weeks. I just knit a purse out of single ply left overs... I need to get the pics off my camera before I post it. I also just realized how easy it is to put buttons in the side bar in the blog! I could swear that it wasn't that easy before now... maybe it wasn't. Now I just have to figure out how to set up an RSS feed and blog on a bi or tri weekly basis, and we will be all set :) Oh wait, RSS is automatic... so now i just have to post regularly!

I am currently working on a dishcloth (easy smeasy simple pattern) and some jaywalkers from ages ago. I am glad I started the second one as quickly as I did, it will make getting the set done easier. I haven't actually finished either sock, however.

I also recently finished a green sock with blue stripes. I have the yarn ready for the second sock, but I haven't cast it on yet. I am dying to try Nona's new Sidewinder pattern, which is tempting me to buy more sock yarn... but i really don't want to make any more purchases.

I am still up in the air about finishing the little purple, pink and white baby cardigan I started a while back. The yarn is hard on my hands, and I am wondering if a larger needle size could fix that problem, but I am not sure if I care to try. But the yarn, being largely cotton, would be an appropriate weight for a baby, and I am sure it will soften with wear; so I should probably do it, and soon.

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