Bee Shawls all around!
I just received my kit for Knitspot's Bee Shawl! So wonderful! The pattern is super detailed, and the yarn from Wooly Wonka Fibers is heavenly. What a lovely color (I went with Anne the designer and chose Tupelo Gold)! I am so excited. I don't have pictures, but perhaps tomorrow I will snag some. I am definitely putting this up in my ravelry account. I was invited recently, and have started making friends and posting. I doubt I will have a chance to get projects up in there until I am closer to moving out/in. The new apartment deal is exciting, and soon, very soon, I will know when we are moving in. Ok. I lied. I took some pictures with my "ibooth" built in camera. They aren't the best ever... but they are pictures and everyone likes pictures of wool! (What, you don't like pictures of wool? Well, what's wrong with you?)

MS3 is well... I was going to say coming along, but the truth is, right now it is at a grinding halt, and I am not sure when i will have time to work on it again. Mostly it is that I reached row 100 (finished Clue 1) and now I can't figure out what is wrong with row 101. I have been tired this week, and I am sure I need more sleep if I am going to be successful. Once I have a few rows of Clue 2, I hope to move along at a better speed, but we shall see.

Part of the reason that I ordered the Bee Shawl kit was because I expect that by the end of MS3, and the swallowtail shawl, I should be pretty darn good at this lace knitting thing. So I don't know when i will start on this, but it probably won't be this summer. :(

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anne said...

i'm totally excited that you'll be knitting a bee!