Getting my school on

September is one of my favorite times of year. September is when the weather breaks. This happened on Saturday. Friday it was 85/90 degrees, and on Saturday I don't think it got over 50 degrees. This, while sad in a summer sense, makes me happy in a fall sense. I like the cooler crisper air, and the fact that the leaves are chanign colors and falling. I like watching the beauty of the season unfold around me; and there is something wonderful about that first cup of Hot Cocoa or first spoonful of homemade soup that warms you right down to your tippy toes.
Am I sad to see summer go? Not really. Not this time. It was a beautiful hot summer, but me and my friends took full advantage. We went to the beach at least every other weekend. We had parties at the boys apartment, we spent the lazy evenings lying around in the A/C... It was a good last summer.
But this new academic year promises to be exciting, full of adventure and fun. My friends and I moved out our parents homes and into our own wonderful home. I love that I love to be home. I desperately want to get home at the end of the day's classes; I love to be in my room, or my kitchen, or my living room, or visiting with my friends in their rooms.
September heralds the cold season, whcih heralds Christmas; and that is exciting too. I am thinking about all of the things I could make for friends and family for Christmas, and while I am not ready to start decorating, I am starting to plan.
This year things will be different in many ways. Money is tighter because I have to pay rent, but I love being home, and don't need to spend as much on fast food or hanging out a bookstores. Time is tigher because I have to work my 20 hour weeks, but at the same time I have a full day off on Friday - so I can sleep in and get a three day weekend!
This is the most exciting fall I have ever experienced, and I wake up excited (and tired) each morning of it.

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