i finally found my camera batteries and charger

but don't think that means you'll get pictures. because while I have all that awesome stuff, it's not with me. Maybe you'll get a shitty computer-camera pic.... I'll check and see what I can find.
Anyway let me explain what I am showing you. First up is the hat I made using the StepYou are so lucky! You get halfway decent photos today. But only half way- don't be expecting too much! I'm having that time of the month. hanie Pearl-McPhee pattern. It is the second hat dubbed "tele-tubby" by friends (read: jerks). I got a bunch of heavy thick acrylic yarns from Jen, and honestly what better way to use them then to make big pretty hats and give them to charity. I only wish I could dye acrylic... the white is so... boring.
Second up we have a picture of the poncho/prayer shawl I am working on for a friend of the family. She requested a poncho eons ago, and I agreed to make it... but the yarn is aweful, and I can't bear to work with it. So, instead, I found some offwhite wool and dyed it the right-ish color. I love it. My mom thinks it's perfect, so hopefully our friend will love it too. I am making a centered cable down the front that will be the center of the cape/poncho/shawl and my idea is for the cape to open with buttons at the front.
Next up is my new favorite project. I found it on Ravelry first. It is simply called "Hand Painted Gloves" but it should be called, SUPER AWESOME Fun time! Because I am so inspired and excited. I bought the pattern on etsy almost immediately after seeing it because I was so enamored. And Karen, the designer is super awesome too! She was so nice, and the layout of the pattern is so cute! Very well produced, and very much worth the cost. What really really drew me to this pattern was the fingers. They are so detailed!
Then I found the KAL and realized all the things I could do with this lovely pattern using different yarns... I went stash diving and realized that I purchase handpainted multicolored yarns, almost exclusively. Rarely do I get solids... and so I justified another trip to the yarn shop. The green yarn has aloe vera in it, and was 390 yards, and only cost about $12. I got a pink too. I am making one pair as a Christmas present, and the second pair should be for moi!

I have been knitting on the knitting machine too.. Did you know that I have a knitting machine? Well I do! But those are secret projects. Maybe I will take pictures and post after Christmas! Maybe not!

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